The City of Wetzlar has also developed into a relevant business location because of its wide palette of efficient handicraft businesses. The businesses build a close network with their diversified and comprehensive goods and range of services. 

Small and middle-class handicraft companies, through a high degree of flexibility, have managed to adapt to the rashly changing market conditions and customer demands with new products and services. New technologies allow companies to open additional applications, the transitions between processing steps become more permeable and allow to provide offers from a single source. Services like consultancy, financing, insurance and waste disposal also increasingly form a steady component of services offered in the handicrafts trade. 

The handicraft quality is highly demanded not only by private persons, but also by the supply branch of the industry due to exemplary qualification. But handicraft businesses must also invest greatly for their sustainability. The aim is: maximising customer benefits. Optimal support and information are the foundation for this, as are qualified and responsibility-conscious employees. That demands a continuous education and further training. Occupational qualification has a high priority not only in the technical sector, but also in management, communication and marketing.    

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