All applications, in connection to the below-mentioned key words/services and a move can be made centrally in the town office. The city office workers will be only too willing to help you with queries and obscurities.

  • •registration, de-registration and re-registration of residence/change of address
  • passports/identification
  • severely handicapped pass (assistance)
  • resident parking permit
  • TV or radio license remission
  • income tax card
  • rates
  • dog license/dog registration
  • housing benefits 

Unfortunately we are not able to help you in all matters, which concern your move, because other public authorities/facilities are also responsible for certain matters. We have made a summary here of the matters which have to be considered:

Child benefits
Child benefits can be applied for at the Employment Agency.

Electricity, Natural Gas and Drinking Water
In the municipal area, enwag warrants the provision of electricity, natural gas and drinking water and is responsible for such.

Television and Radio GEZ (Central radio and television toll collecting agency)
To register, de-register or re-register televisions and radios as well as the GEZ fees please get directly contact the GEZ.

Waste disposal
The Sanitation department in Wetzlar is responsible for waste disposal. Our colleagues will be only too pleased to give you further help. Yellow and blue sacks can be obtained from our town office.

Motorcar affairs
The Admission Office of the Lahn-Dill District is responsible for transfer and registration of motorcars. If you want to transfer your driving licence then contact the Drivers and Vehicles Licencing Office in the Lahn-Dill District. If you have any queries regarding car tax please contact the Local Tax Office.

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