The Wetzlar specialty stores offer fun and relaxation during shopping expeditions with their diverse offers and their excellent location on the idyllic riverside on the Lahn, between half-timbered houses which were lovingly restored, and Medieval places.

There are two shopping centres and additional, bigger retail stores in further city areas. A special attraction is the newly built shopping and experience centre "Forum Wetzlar" situated in the train station area. The Forum is one of the largest inner-city shopping centres in Hesse and represents a new attraction for more than 540,000 people in its area of influence. On two floors with around 23,500 m2 of selling space, there are 110 specialty stores. Around 700 workers are employed there. A big parking structure directly next to it offers 1,700 spaces.

The urban Forum Wetzlar establishes a new, attractive connection between the train station and the main pedestrian zone and results in a strong confluence between the two shopping

With the Citybus, the different shopping areas of the Wetzlar City Centre can be quickly and comfortably accessed.

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