Next to the industrial branch, the predominantly middle-class structured service sector can also develop well. Many companies that are operating in this sector do preparatory work for the local industrial businesses, and find here the economic basis for their expansion beyond the borders of the region. Through the demand for their up-front services, the industry is indirectly responsible for the business formation and the increasing growth of the number of employees in the service sector. 

Many new opportunities, which offer information and communication technology, find usage in the industrial sector and thereby serves the production of industrial goods. Sparkassen (Savings Banks) and Genossenschaftsbanken (Cooperative Banks), with a great readiness to assist young entrepreneurs and finance the middle class, are also well represented in Wetzlar. But large business banks are also present, as well as competent insurance companies. Satellite businesses are also available in the sectors of IT services, marketing, logistics, cleaning, or the consultation services for business, taxation and law.
New, innovative offers from facility-management up to postal delivery invite companies to outsource. Even the Frankfurt Airport, in its relevance for the whole Hesse, is closely linked with the manufacturing businesses. The decreasing number of employees and the reduced value-add of the industry are expressions of a development to a more efficient division of labour between industrial companies and service providers. The industry separates itself from process elements where it has no core competencies and creates markets for new, innovative services at the same time.

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