OB Manfred Wagner

Dear fellow citizens,
dear guests,
the new category “New Citizens” under the rubric “Life in Wetzlar” in our presence in Internet should provide a clear guide for you, which should enable you to find your way around Wetzlar more easily. It will show you what our town has to offer and should, at the same time, be an orientation aid for everything that you may be looking for or would like to participate in as a new resident or guest in a (still) unknown city.

However, all “long-time residents” are also invited to discover something new and make use of this.
Furthermore, the contents of our presence in Internet offers insight into the historical, cultural and social variety in our traditional town Wetzlar.

I would be only too happy if the information and suggestions help you to feel comfortable in Wetzlar and would, hereby, like to sincerely welcome you.
Manfred Wagner
Lord Mayor

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