Business in Wetzlar

Future meets tradition - in the City of Wetzlar this meeting is present everywhere, in the economy as well as in the image of the city and in cultural life: old-established industrial companies, which with their products like Leica with the first compact camera of the world, binoculars and microscopes, became world-renowned, as well as new hightech companies and service providers, a historically grown city with Medieval monuments, as well as modern shopping centres and business parks, traditional festivals and contemporary cultural events.

A solidly grown basis, anchored in good tradition, offers freedom for sustainable development and visions.

So Wetzlar is excellently prepared to actively participate in the permanent and market-oriented structural change, and to sustain itself as a competitive and efficient business location.

Cooperation and dialogue between economy, science, politics and administration introduce exemplary ways for innovative concepts in Wetzlar. The future is there where action dominates. Optimal conditions therefore, for the settlement of companies in emerging Wetzlar.

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