Blick auf den Säutum im Frühling
Säuturm © Tourist-Information Wetzlar

In the Middle Ages, the Säuturm, or sow tower, was known as the Schneiderturm, or tailors’ tower. The tailors’ guild was responsible for maintaining and manning this section of the town wall. To save money, the tower was left open on the side facing the town. In 1745, a gate was erected next to the tower to allow passage of pigs kept on the fields just outside the town wall. The current plain Roof was added in 1914.

From here, one can see the ruins of Kalsmunt castle, which is within walking distance of the old town. The view of Wetzlar and the Lahn River valley from the former castle keep are well worth the walk. Built by the emperor Frederick Barbarossa, it was inhabited until about 1500, after which it fell into disrepair.

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